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In agile the six thinking hats are usually used for retrospectives. The timer can ask for any of the six thinking hats. Six thinking hats exercise venture labs course stay klassy team dec 2012 2. Sometimes referred to as 6 hats or the six hats of thinking, these techniques focus on enhancing the structure of thinking so that group decision making and idea evaluation can be dramatically improved. Abstract excerpt the difference between poor and effective teams lies not so much in their collective mental equipment but in how well they use their abilities to think together. The idea behind the 6 hats approach is that people bring different. Get into a group with other people who were assigned the same color thinking hat as you and discuss what type of thinking students are asked to do when wearing that color hat. Especially for big businesses with larger teams, i think this can really save a ton of time and money, so if you work at a. One is creative thinking while the other represents critical thinking. The thinking hats exercise is a kind of roleplay in which different perspectives are represented by hats of different colours. Six thinking hats six thinking hats is a strategy that teaches students be flexible thinkers.

It is now commonly known as a tool for group discussion and individualcritical thinking. The main idea is that there are different types of thinking and that we can think more effectively if we concentrate on only one type of thinking at a time. Only if we have a vision limited of which it can thought, us can please our perfection in this land, but not of another way. The thinking process is like a kayak with two paddles.

The six thinking hats in primary schools shirleydrummon5. Six thinking hats method for constructive design feedback. Organizations such as prudential insurance, ibm, federal express, british airways, p. Streamline discussions and develop critical thinking skills with different thinking caps. Ask for green hat thinking what ideas do you have to solve the black hat problems. Usually, such books are ed and your posting may violate one.

In our case, we used them to analyse and evaluate design proposals. You can take the term thinking hats as literally as you like. Ex plain the technique of the thinking hats, giving details on the meaning of all the hats and stressing the importance of giving answers from every single possible perspective. In a group setting each member thinks using the same thinking hat, at the same time, on the same challengewe call this focused parallel thinkinga tool that facilitates collaboration. Brainstorming technique used in process improvement, project management and problem sloving. As this question has a single answer it can be regarded as factual or informative and therefore in the realm of white hat. The emotional response that this question can evoke from students can be positive or not. Six thinking hats brainstorming technique training slideshare.

The six thinking hats technique is a framework for thinking and decision making. The six thinking hats method is one of those ideas. There, its used to teach children how to think better and make decisions as a group. This means that the exercise requires all the team members to adopt the. The six thinking hats describes six different ways to approach any one predicament or situation. This is for putting up facts and figures in a neutral and objective way. Heres a quick outline do refer to the book or our full 9page summary for more details on each of the hats, with guidelines and tips on how to use them. Debonos six thinking hats knowledge sharing toolkit.

Apply the six thinking hats approach with or without hats. It usually goes down fairly well but i dont have an exercise to run for the deleg. Five ways to improve your critical thinking skills. Six thinking hats is a recently introduced technique which outlines different thinking styles associated with analysing a given problem in an effective way. A study presents a perceptual model of thinking called the six thinking hats and argumentativeness as a predictor of response to the model. The teacher will involve all students in the discussion. The retain project is supported by the lifelong learning programme case story description. This led to the development of his, now famous, six thinking hats theory. This was quite a change in policy, as nasas solar system exploration has only been done by robotic missions since the 1970s. It provides users with tools to create and maintain a digital portfolio of their learning and social networking features to allow users to interact with each other. Optimistic judgmental creative emotional directiongiving factual.

Mahara is an open source eportfolio and social networking web application. Now were going to practice with a thinking and speaking activity. Six thinking hats and the associated idea parallel thinking provide a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, and in doing so to think together more effectively. Free resource for teachers six thinking hats classroom. Life on mars versus life on earth background information in 2004, the united states government announced plans to return humans to the moon, and to eventually send humans to mars. Throughout the process students will learn to focus on data, consider emotional reactions, act cautiously, be optimistic, develop creative solutions, and stay on the right thinking track. Six thinking hats for improved brainstorming and collaboration. Creative problem solving six thinking hats and other.

How to use the six thinking hats technique lucidchart blog. Use for corporate training and 6 thinking hats team activities. The six thinking hats model creates six artificial contexts for thinking, corresponding to the primary thought modes of objective, subjective, critical, and creative thinking, within a comprehensive framework that allows the thinker to direct attention. Start the exercise always from the white hat and conclude with the blue one, a hats can be used more tha. I like simple ideas, which you can implement without a ton of training or expensive tools and that lead to a positive effect almost instantly. The purpose of thinking hats is to focus your way of thinking, so putting an actual hat on your head may help you or your students, or it could just be a new form of distraction. As you work through your six thinking hats exercises, you may want to come up with more questions that take into account the optimistic role of the yellow hat.

The premise is the human brain thinks in a number of distinct ways that can be deliberately challenged, and hence planned for use in a structured way, allowing one to develop tactics for thinking about particular issues. The six thinking hats technique is a classic dynamic for encouraging communication in businesses, but its also common as an exercise in universities and elementary school classrooms. State a summary of what was learned the teacher will limit the amount of time she uses talking teaching. The six thinking hats technique helps actualize the thinking potential of teams. Six thinking hats activity free download as powerpoint presentation. It allows emotion and skepticism to be brought into what might normally be a purely rational process, and it opens up the opportunity for creativity within decision making. He is the originator of the term lateral thinking, and his books have been translated into thirtyseven languages. Creative tool by edward demono to promote lateral thinking. Each of the six thinking hats represents a different style of thinking. Six thinking hats, introduced in 1985 by edward debono, is an effective tool for decision making and problem solving that uses both sides of your brain.

Each hat is a different color which signals the thinking ingredient. This website and its content is subject to our terms and conditions. Inamomentyourbrain carriedouttherollthatyouareacting. Each hat has a different purpose and there is a meta hat which drives the conversation. Tes global ltd is registered in england company no 02017289 with its registered office. How to use six thinking hats both individually and in group exercises. If you have such a permission, please upload it again. A tool to strengthen critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity skills. Six thinking hats in the classroom 6 thinking hats. Students learn about six different types of thinking they can apply to any situation, represented by different colored hats.

Six thinking hats case studies genesis events india. The 6 hats chart will stay up so we can remember these ideas. Six thinking hats and the associated idea parallel thinking provide a means for groups to plan thinking. Edward debonos strategies encourage participants to look at decisions from many different perspectives. The six thinking hats explained examined existence. He associated this with people wearing different hats and identified the different approaches by using hats of different colours. Try this group thinking exercise to examine differing points of view on an. Used with welldefined and explicit return on investment success in corporations worldwide, six thinking hats is a simple, effective parallel thinking process. Six hats thinking merely offers an alternative way to look at things.

It fosters collaboration, creativity and innovation. An effective problem solver has to have a method for directing their thoughts in proactive ways. How to solve problems using the six thinking hats method. At st hildas we aim and encourage our girls to develop the 3rs to enable them to be resourceful, resilient and risk takers.

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