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You would use cv led drivers to run multiple leds in parallel, for example led strips. Dmx led controller nicolaudie easy stand alone color. Low prices and fast delivery, available from stock at downlights direct. Constant voltage dmx led driver suitable for use with led strip light applications. Constant current dmx drivers are designed for high power leds. Ws2812b addressable rgb led strip with ts controller 10m duration. The trinity 12 dmx provides digital power conversion with a digital control interface capable of controlling the dimming levels of fixtures on each channel. Samyo 4 channels dmx512 decoder controller dimmer for rgb. Lt200 by sgm light ip rated rgb led pixel tube 2 meters. They have a set voltage that they supply to the electronic circuit. Dmx drivers led light manufacturers west midlands uk. A small sized dmx driver which allows you to connect your rgb led lights, led lighting, led ribbon strips or rgb led modules to a dmx512 lighting controller.

Control dmx 512 dmx iluminacion led control led dmx ledbox. Constant current dmx dimming drivers have many power type to choose that meet different customersneed. The sgm lt200 is a 2m long led tube light with a wide viewing angle perfect. The xdimmer 4 pro is a multifunctional, 4 channel led dimmer to set the intensity and the colour effect for rgbw leds via dmx. Dmx512 compliant control interface with digital, select able display. Dmx rgb led strip by sirse also known as dmx pixel led tape when developing the feel and mood of a space, adding depth is a great way to enhance the experience. The driver can be configured to use any four consecutive addresses across the. Niagarafallsdmxleddriver it is sometimes called dmx 512 because it can be used to control up to 512 channels. These products can be used in night club lighting, bars, casinos, entertainment, theater, movie sets and many more projects requiring customizable control of your led lights. As recognised industry experts in led lighting and dmx drivers, ist applies superior knowledge of led driver technology, thermal modelling and optical systems to design and manufacture high quality, durable led lighting solutions, with a promise of up to 80% energy saving compared to traditional light sources. Giderwel mini 4 channel rgbw dmx decoder,16a rgbw rgb led strip controller dmx 512 decoder dimmer driver for led strip module dc924v 4.

Dmx led driver dmxdm4c5adcf standard dmx512 compliant control interface, enable to set the dmx address freely. Different form factors are available for the perfect fit with your luminaire. The trinity 3in1 platform combines digital power conversion, constant current drivers, and superior dimming control. Led dmx controller integrated system technologies west. Trigger show playback via artnet, sacn, dmxin port and external contact closure. Rgb led dance floor rgbw moving head beam spot moving head zoom moving head wash. Dmx drivers led ltd state of the art led lighting systems. Dmx driver constant voltage sr2102b downlights direct. These products can be used in night club lighting, bars, casinos, entertainment, theater, movie sets and many more projects requiring control of a large number of rgb led lights. The output current is adjustable by the dip switch on the driver from 200ma to 1500ma. Connection instructions dmx driver 24 channel, 524vdc 72a xlr3 type dmx input and output dip switches to change starting dmx address 3 addresses per each output dmx signal cable xlr3 or rj45 terminal connection for bare wire dmx input and output 524vdc power input 36a max ch01ch12 36a max chch24 back view of 24 channel dmx driver 24ch dmx. An advanced dmxrdm 24channel led driver, with variable forward current, dynamic power sharing and the ability to operate in constant current and constant voltage modes. Ltech intelligent dimmable led driver have excellent performance.

This can be done in a number of ways, but lighting is probably one of the most vivid mediums that we can take advantage of in order to achieve the desired effect. Our clean power series led drivers are designed specifically to be maintainable, nondisposable allowing any engineer or service tech to replace parts while in the field. Sl1185 100w ip67 constant voltage led driver our 100w led driver is a reliable unit suitable for all superlight 12vdc or 24vdc led installations. The led drivers offer one power supply input and dmx in and thru, creating six discrete outputs to led fixtures. Dmx addressing may also be changed by the units 4button led display. Simply connect the dmx input on this unit, assign its dmx channel id using the dip switches on the product, and. Dmx led decoders and wireless tranmitters for led lighting. The nicolaudie easy stand alone dmx led color controller offers fully customized dmx color control for colorchanging led lights, with easytouse dedicated software included.

Constantcurrent modules offer a variety of outputs 350ma, 500ma and 700ma with inputs from 15 to 48vdc. We carry various controls and drivers to connect led light and rgb led lighting to dmx512 systems. We carry various dmx decoders and drivers to connect single color led lights and rgb led lights to a dmx512 control systems. The quadpuck dmx driver interface is available with a number of options and features, providing even greater flexibility, and is small enough to be easily incorporated in led lighting units or placed in wallmount boxes or remotely located units. Pc engineering plastic panel with ttouchsofttouch function button and exquisite appearance.

Sort by dmx 512 led drivers 27 channel dmx 512 led driver dimmer. It features four power mosfets that can be configured to operate in pwm mode or as onoff outputs. Dmx controller and driver led strip lights, addressable. Led dmx decoder 15amp 1224v rgb lights used to extend your run of rgb 1224v lighting product from your controller or lighting console rgb led dmx decoder driver 1224vdc 3a x 8 channels rgb lights used to extend your run of rgb 1224v lighting product from your controller or lighting console. Then by the use of pwm and dmx, you can change the color and dimming of your rgb led lights. Your source for hightech high efficiency led strip controller for single color and rgb led strips, led dimmers, led dmx512 controllers at the lowest prices anywhere.

Mega bar led rc available december 2010 the adj mega. Rgbrgbw led controller is a universal rgb controller for entire color changing, which adopted the most advanced pwm pulsewidth modulation controlling technology at present. Alongside dmx dimmable drivers for constant current and constant voltage. This led controller creates light shows with customized colorchanging patterns, speed, and brightness levels. Cv power supplies can be used with led strips that have a current limiting resistor, which most do. With a background in dimmable transformers and convertors the natural progression was to introduce mains dimmable led drivers and the leddrive products include mains dimmable constant current drivers in a range of forward voltages and drive currents. Dmx controllersdecoders are great for theater lighting, stage lighting, church lighting, and other. We also manufacture our products in texas, usa getting. A selection of dmx controllers and dali drivers for use with led tapes and other led lighting equipment.

A wide variety of led bar dmx options are available to you, such as ce, ccc, and ctick. Led floodlight bar with 240 10 mm leds, the led bar 2408 is ideally suited to the colour light design of stages in clubs, bars, etc. The noswitches inband dmx configuration feature is still retained. The drivers have three outputs 350 700ma constant current pwm signal with an 8bit gray. We carry various led dmx controllers and computer software to fully customize your led lighting effects using rgb led lighting or single color led lights and dmx512 systems. Dmx512 drivers and decoders to power our led tape and led downlighters.

These products can be used in night club lighting, bars, casinos, entertainment, theater, movie sets and many more projects requiring control of a. Constant voltage cv led drivers are power supplies. Efecto barra led big dipper mini spyder lm30 dmx rgbw 8x3 w. Dmx driver combines the operations of a low voltage 24v class 2 led power supply and a dmx decoder into a single unit. The 4016 quadpuck led driver interface with 4 3021de0700 buckpuck drivers. Large stock of led drivers in 12v, 24v and 48 volts but also constant current and constant voltage drivers suitable. Adquiere ahora tus bombillas, tubos led, paneles led, focos led exterior, downlights led, tiras led. Up to four independently controllable led outputs for fullcolour static or dynamic lighting applications. To better understand the word channel, think of a dmx channel as a color, so if you have an rgb light, this light would use 3 channels or colors. Lm3915 lm3915n1 driver display barra 10 led vumetro. Constantvoltage modules run 12 to 24vdc with a maximum channel output of 40w 180w total power.

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